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Bliss - anxiety relief otter

Bliss - anxiety relief otter

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Bliss mimics comforting breathing, heartbeats, & sounds to relieve anxiety & soothe you to a peaceful night's rest.

relieve anxiety & panic

soothes you to sleep in seconds

achieve deeper & healthier sleep


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made for all ages

Bliss - anxiety relief otter

Regular price $39.00
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welcome back the peaceful, quiet times

Nonstop worry about things far out of our control causes us to panic and overthink, desperately wishing the situation ended differently. Over time, this leads to anxiety, insomnia, & other terrible mental illnesses

By recreating realistic breathing & heartbeat movements, Bliss helps us find a calm, serene breathing pattern, calming down anxiousness & worry. This slows down your racing heartbeat, making you finally feel the sweetness of peace & relaxation again.

often used during the day or at night to help you fall asleep

designed to assist all age groups 0-75+

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relieve exhausting anxiety & panic

Stress & anxiety trigger our bodies to release hormones that help us react quickly to protect ourselves from harm. High levels of these hormones make it hard for our bodies to relax and be at peace which causes us to have trouble falling asleep & panic.

Bliss combines realistic breathing, heartbeats, and gentle sounds to mimic the calming, comforting feeling of cuddling. This relaxing sensation helps your body and breathing to slow down and find a serene rhythm, which will ease your anxiety and soothe you to sleep like a baby.

health_and_safety recommended & approved by renowned psychiatrists worldwide

eliminate restless nights & fall asleep in seconds

Long, unsuccessful hours wasted trying to fall sleep derive from a tense body & chaotic mind, making you panic & stress even more.

Bliss puts an end to the struggle of falling asleep with its reassuring breathing and its gentle serene sounds that relax your tense, anxious body and mind to sleep in an instant.

nights_stay recreates the comforting, safe feeling of cuddling to soothe you to sleep peacefully like a baby

health_metrics designed to assist sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc.

better sleep. better life.

Getting a high-quality night of sleep is the key to quickly improving your mood, relieving anxiety & stress, and enhancing the overall quality of your life. Lack of this nourishing sleep causes anxiety, depression, obesity, and many more mental health disorders.

By providing the comfort and sense of security of a cuddle buddy, our anxiety relief otter lowers your heartbeat and slows down your breathing to help you achieve a more replenishing night of sleep. This therapeutic sensation is the reason you'll begin to wake up feeling happier and more refreshed.

psychiatry guaranteed to help you achieve deeper, healthier, & more consistent sleep

backed by extensive research

relieves multiple types of mental difficulties


Designed to make you feel safe, secure, & comforted, Bliss flushes out toxic hormones like cortisol, which relieves your mind & body from anxiousness, so you can finally feel relaxed & at ease again.


By trying to mimic the breathing pattern of Bliss, someone who is panicking will quickly begin to calm down their breathing & heartbeat, easing their panic and anxiety away.


Whilst cuddling with Bliss, you release the "feel-good" hormones called endorphins, which boosts your mood/energy & relieves stress from a long, exhausting day.


While mimicking your heartbeat and breathing pattern, Bliss distracts your mind away from nonstop worry to quickly soothe you to sleep, all-in-all defeating insomnia.


With Bliss's soothing sleeping movements & sounds, it provides therapeutic relaxation to ease stiff muscles & joints, relieving years long of built-up tension in your body.

designed & recommended by medical professionals

After years of constant improvement and spending over $85,000 on prototypes, Bliss has been thoroughly tested and is now recommended by expert psychiatrists and doctors worldwide.

     (Rated 4.8/5 based on 9,964+ reviews)

    52,800+ happy customers in peace

    Listen in on one of the thousands of success stories from our customers who use Bliss every night to sleep.

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    Learn more about the proven methods of relieving sleep difficulties and tricking your brain to fall asleep with our eBook consisting of over 4 years of research! Although it usually is sold separately for $24, today you can get it for free alongside your comforting cuddle buddy!

    night_sight_max Pair Bliss alongside proven sleeping tricks for a guaranteed peaceful night of sleep

    beware of trashy knockoffs...

    Now that cheap rip-offs are beginning to circulate, it's important to be cautious not to fall for scams! Be reassured knowing that Arrily is the authentic originator of Bliss.


    mimics breathing & heartbeats

    relieves anxiety & panic

    4 different calming sounds

    fall asleep in seconds

    premium quality that's built to last-long

    30-day money back guarantee

    frequently asked questions

    What features does Bliss come with?

    Bliss is filled with endless features that guarantee better sleep. Some examples are:

    - Womb & ultrasound breathing

    - 4 soothing sounds

    - Gentle nightlight

    - Realistic heartbeats

    These supportive features will help to slow down anxiety, which help you feel calmer & happier, and also help you fall asleep.

    How does it work?

    All you do is insert 3 AA batteries, then click on Bliss's bottom right foot where the musical notes are. That's it, now you enjoy!

    Who was Bliss made for?

    Bliss was made to assist everyone in falling asleep peacefully. It helps women, men, children, and even pets get the rest they crave!

    Is there a warranty?

    Of course! We add our 30-day money-back guarantee on all our orders to ensure that our customers feel safe & risk-free when shopping with us.

    How can I wash the otter?

    We made the electronic parts for our anxiety relief otter easily removeable so that you can wash and clean with ease.

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